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Pioneer Water Tanks Victoria

For more than 30 years, Pioneer Water Tanks has been a trusted source of water tank solutions across Australia, catering to a diverse range of farming, domestic, and agricultural needs.

Our water tanks are purpose-built to withstand Australia's challenging and unforgiving conditions. Crafted from robust and fully recyclable 100% Australian Zincalume® or Colorbond® BlueScope steel, they offer reliability that stands the test of time. Choose from our standard range, which includes tanks ranging from 12,000 to 250,000 litres, or opt for a custom-built solution that can extend up to a colossal 2.6 million litres.

Beyond their durability, our water tanks are also aesthetically pleasing. You can select from a variety of Colorbond® colours to complement your surroundings. Every tank in our range can serve as fire protection reserves, and our exclusive range of Australian-made tank liners ensures the highest quality drinking water and maximum water storage safety and security.

Rural and Domestic Tank Enquiry Victoria

With over 30 years of dedicated service in the Victoria region, Pioneer Water Tanks understands precisely what it takes to provide top-quality steel rainwater tanks that offer exceptional value for your investment. Whether for personal, rural, or firefighting requirements, our premium Australian-made products guarantee the long-term water security you desire. Specialised Tank Services has proudly represented Pioneer Water Tanks as a distributor since 1992, and they are fully equipped to find the perfect liquid storage solution tailored to your needs and requirements.


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Pioneer Water Tanks Standard Tank Colour Range
Classic Cream
Woodland Grey
Pale Eucalypt
Pioneer Water Tanks Non-Standard Tank Colour Range
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Evening Haze
Manor Red
Night Sky
Shale Grey

Standard Inclusions

Your Pioneer Water Tank comes standard with:

  • 20-year Conditional Warranty on Rural Pioneer Water Tanks
  • 50mm Outlet with a polyethylene ball valve (other sizes and styles available upon request)
  • 150mm Bellmouth Overflow with downpipe and flap valve designed to reach ground level (other sizes and styles available upon request)
  • Removable internal/external ladder with a lockable hinged roof access hatch
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel leaf filter basket (removable for easy cleaning)
  • Dual self-sacrificing anodes to prevent electrolysis (corrosion) within the tank body
  • Aqualiner FRESH® Liner with microbial inhibiting technology
  • 8-80 V-LOCK® Wall System
  • Swivel Foot Roof Connection
  • Concealed High Tensile Bolts


Pioneer Water Tanks: Rural
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks
Pioneer Water Tanks


Choose Your Tank Size

Water Tank Sizes


Aqualiner FRESH® Liner

Pioneer Water Tanks proudly maintains its reputation for offering the industry's finest tank liners, a legacy that spans over three decades of proven performance and testing.

Introducing our latest innovation, the next-generation Pioneer Aqualiner FRESH® water tank liner. This innovative liner exceeds the Australian Standards, boasting superior flexibility, strength, waterproofing, and reliability. Notably, it stands as the world's first water tank liner to incorporate advanced Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial technology, enhancing both the health and water quality benefits we deliver to our valued customers. 

The Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial technology is mixed into the master batch of black polyethylene (PE) film used in the construction of  Aqualiner FRESH Largerthe liner fabric.

The black PE film is one of the three multiple layers found in the liner fabric, providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and leak resistance of Aqualiner FRESH®. 

The treated black PE film is then laminated to the inside surface of the liner fabric - the side that is in direct contact with the tank water.

With the Pioneer Aqualiner FRESH®, we're committed to keeping your water fresher for longer, setting a new benchmark in water tank liner technology.



150mm Bellmouth Overflow

water tank overflowPioneer Water Tanks takes pride in delivering an industry-leading overflow solution featuring an impressive 150mm diameter overflow connection and down piping.

Our design strictly adheres to the Plumbing Industry Board's specifications, ensuring that the overflow rate consistently exceeds the infill rate of water. This meticulous engineering approach guarantees your protection against costly issues associated with tank overflows. What sets Pioneer Water Tanks apart is our innovative one-piece PVC wall connection for the overflow, effectively isolating water from any steel components within the overflow penetration. This forward-thinking design not only eliminates the need for chemical-based sealants but also safeguards your potable water supply, reducing the risk of contamination.



8-80 V-LOCK® Wall System 8-80VLOCK for Pioneer Water Tank

Experience the strength and support of Pioneer Water Tanks' innovative 8-80 V-LOCK® wall profile. This modern and unique design combines the durability of corrugated steel with perfect support for the tank liner moulded to the inner wall. The 8-80 V-LOCK® innovation enhances your tank's structural integrity, ensuring it maintains its shape, whether full or empty and minimises stress on the liner for added longevity and reliability. The wall design also includes a bottom lip to prevent shearing and sinking into the sand base, ensuring a level tank and full effective capacity.



Concealed High Tensile Bolts concealed bolt covers

Designed for exceptional strength and long-lasting durability, our bolts are crafted from galvanised high-tensile 8.8-grade material, making them the most resilient bolts on the market, particularly when it comes to shear pressure. To achieve the distinctive, modern appearance of Pioneer Water Tanks, we've ingeniously concealed these bolts within a hidden bolt strip, providing both structural integrity and a sleek, seamless aesthetic.



Swivel Foot Roof Connection Swivel truss foot

Our exclusive heavy-duty Pioneer Water Tank roof is engineered with a distinct swivel foot roof connector and high-tensile bolts. This innovative design provides robust load resistance and secure tie-down, ensuring the dependable performance of your tank roof, even under the most challenging conditions. Trust in the durability and reliability of our tank roofs.



Sacrificial Anodes Sacrificial Anodes

Enhance the longevity of your water tank with our sacrificial magnesium anodes. Crafted from magnesium, these anodes erode over time in place of the tank, effectively shielding the steel and ensuring your tank remains resilient for an extended period. Pioneer Water Tanks recommends replacing your anodes every five years, guaranteeing you can enjoy the enduring benefits of your tank for a lifetime. Each tank comes with two anodes for your convenience.


Optional Extras

You can order these optional extras for your Pioneer Water Tank if desired: Rural and Domestic Tank Enquiry Victoria

  • Geotextile Underlay
  • Superseal – Dust, Insect and Vermin Protection
  • Water Level Indicator
  • Reserve Fitting on Tanks
  • Optional Outlets & CFA Outlets
  • Smart Water Savers
  • Scour Drain


Geotextile membrane

Geotextile Underlay

Our geotextile underlay is a highly recommended option, especially in situations where sourcing clean, fine sand is challenging or when you desire added protection for your Aqualiner FRESH® liner against potential damage from sharp objects like stones or rocks. This underlay serves as an effective safeguard, ensuring the longevity and integrity of your liner. In remote locations, it can also offer a cost-effective alternative to sourcing high-quality sand. (Optional Extra)



Superseal for water tank

Superseal – Dust, Insect and Vermin Protection

Shield your tank from external contaminants such as dirt, dust, insects, and vermin with our optional Superseal solution. This closed-cell protective foam effectively seals the gaps between your roof sheets and the tank wall, ensuring that your clean water remains uncontaminated by external sources. Keep your water supply pristine and safeguarded from unwanted sources of contamination. (Optional Extra)



Level gauge

Water Level Indicator

Keep precise track of your water reserves with our convenient water level gauges, which are easily affixed to the exterior of your tank. You have the choice between two options: the traditional float and pulley system or a wireless system, available in a variety of colours to suit your preferences. These gauges offer real-time monitoring of water levels, with the marker moving up or down based on the water level, thanks to a counterweight mechanism. For situations where public access may be a concern, we also offer a heavy-duty commercial-grade gauge. (Optional Extra)



water tank reserve fittings

Reserve Fitting on Tanks

We offer the choice to install an additional valve on your tank's wall, safeguarding against complete water loss in the event of a pipe rupture or any other incident occurring away from the tank. When the water level is significantly above the reserve fitting, you have the ability to close the bottom valve and operate the tank using the top valve. This control mechanism allows you to manage and reduce water loss in the event of a pipe burst or a similar unexpected situation. (Optional Extra)



Optional Outlets Optional fittings range

We offer a diverse selection of outlets to accommodate any situation, available in various styles and sizes. Our range includes outlet fittings in various sizes and styles, such as flanged outlets, BSP outlets, rolled groove galvanised outlets, Vortex inhibitors for high suction, CFA outlets, Stortz outlets, and camlock fittings. Please reach out to us to discuss your requirements, ensuring we provide the right fittings tailored to your specific needs. (Optional Extra)


Optional CFA outlets CFA fitting

Given that CFA outlet requirements can vary across different areas in Victoria, it's the responsibility of the customer to determine their local requirements. We recommend checking any written instructions provided with your building permit or by your local CFA for guidance. Generally, there are two main types of CFA outlets:

  • Non-Combustible Standard CFA Outlet: Comprises a 50mm or 65mm Brass tank outlet with a 50mm or 65mm Brass valve and a 50mm Male to 64mm CFA TPI brass fitting. (Optional Extra)
  • 10,000 Litre Reserve: In cases where the CFA requires a dedicated 10,000-litre reserve for firefighting, we can install a CFA outlet at the base of the tank and a domestic outlet above at the 10,000-litre level for household use. It's advisable to consult your local CFA and adhere to their specific requirements for optimal safety and compliance. (Optional Extra)


Smart Water Savers

Harvest thousands of extra litres of rainwater by installing Smart Water Savers on your corrugated steel tank roof. Made from UV-stabilised food-grade material to be safe and last the test of time, the Smart Water Savers can catch an extra 25% of your tank's total capacity. The concave shape allows leaves and other debris to move freely over the top, allowing your tank roof to stay clean while harvesting more water. (Optional Extra)

The key factor influencing your water harvesting capacity is the monthly or yearly rainfall in your location. You can calculate an estimate with the following formula:

Multiply (x) the average rainfall in your area (measured in millimetres - mm) by the surface area available for water collection (measured in square meters - m2).

To determine the typical annual rainfall in your region, refer to a reliable rainfall map. Next, assess how frequently your tank will fill up throughout the year, taking into consideration your water consumption and storage capacity. This calculation will help you make informed decisions about your water harvesting system.

                                                                 Additional Potential Rainwater Harvest Smart Water Savers V1

Annual Rainfall 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
45,000 Litre Tank (24m2 Roof Area)  9,600 Litres 12,000 Litres 14,400 Litres 16,800 Litres 19,200 Litres
67,500 Litre Tank (36m2 Roof Area) 14,400 Litres 18,000 Litres 21,600 Litres 25,200 Litres 28,800 Litres
90,000 Litre Tank (48m2 Roof Area) 19,200 Litres 24,000 Litres 28,800 Litres 33,600 Litres 38,400 Litres


Scour Drain Scour drain diagram

We offer a 50mm scour outlet for enhanced functionality. This feature is typically installed beneath the tank floor, with the inlet positioned approximately one meter from the tank wall inside the tank. The ground around the scour outlet is slightly sloped to facilitate easy tank cleaning with a hose and soft broom. Outside the tank wall, you have the choice of a screw-in plug or the option to install a 50mm valve at an additional cost. If your tank is on a concrete pad, it's important to note that the scour outlet should be fitted prior to pouring the slab. (Optional Extra)



Tank Pad Requirements

Prior to water tank installation, it is imperative to meet the following tank pad requirements: Tank Pad

  • Size and Thickness: The tank pad should be constructed with dimensions at least 1m wider than the water tank's total diameter (0.5-meter on either side) and a minimum thickness (depth) of 100mm.
  • Perimeter Precautions: After water tank installation, create an aggregate perimeter i.e., gravel, around the tank, extending at least 100mm from the tank and covering a 0.5-meter radius. This gravel perimeter prevents erosion and deters rabbits and rodents from burrowing around the tank area and underneath the tank.
  • Base Condition: Ensure that the tank's base is meticulously cleaned and entirely free of any sharp objects, as the tank liner will come into direct contact with the base material.
  • Level Pad: A level tank pad is essential for the installation process, full effective capacity and the ongoing stability and performance of your new water tank.
  • Concrete Pad Considerations: If you plan to install your water tank on a concrete pad, please let us know before placing your order. Additional materials may be necessary, incurring extra costs.

Incorrectly prepared tank pads can result in additional charges for rectification. We are here to assist you in ensuring a successful water tank installation. If you have any questions or need to seek clarification on any of these requirements, please reach out to us on (03) 5334 6688 or email sales@waterstorage.net.au.



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