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Water Tanks Craigieburn


Water Tanks Craigieburn

Pioneer Water Tanks have proudly supplied quality steel water tanks for domestic, rural and commercial projects in Craigieburn and throughout Victoria and have been doing so for over 24 years. When purchasing a Pioneer Water Tank, we accommodate a massive size range of 6000 litres - 2.660,000 litres. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 20-year warranty on all of our steel water tanks. A Pioneer Water Tank features top grade fittings fixtures to ensure your tank will stand the test of time.





Pioneer Water Tanks continue to have the best liner on the market, which has been proved and tested over 30 years.

Now there is a NEW innovation available which can add extra protection. The next generation Pioneer AQUALINER Fresh® water tank liner has even better flexibitily,strength, water proofing and reliability. It is the first water tank liner in the world to introduce antimicrobial technology which further improves the health and water quality benefits for our customers.

Keeping your water fresher for longer.



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Pioneer Water Tanks in Craigieburn

Craigieburn, located in Victoria, is well known for its town being a suburb of Melbourne. Craigieburn has a few well known attractions; such as, United Cinemas, Craigieburn Wilmott Golf Course and so many other attractions. Pioneer Water Tanks provides effective and reliable water storage solutions in Craigieburn and surrounding areas. The annual rainfall in Craigieburn is 544mm, there is significant rainfall throughout the year in Craigieburn, even in the driest month, there is still a lot of rain. Customers can feel confident in knowing that their Pioneer Water Tank will catch as much water as possible.

Pioneer Water Tanks offer a great selection of water tanks in Craigieburn with your choice of colours and sizes. It is important to remember when purchasing a water tank, it a long-term investment. Pioneer Water Tanks provide quality water tanks to suit all of your needs.


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