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tank repair

Is your water tank showing signs of cracks or leaking? or in need of a new roof?

With over three decades of experience in the water storage industry, Specialised Tank Services stands ready to address your water storage challenges. Our headquarters are conveniently located just outside of Ballarat, but our services extend across a vast part of Victoria, encompassing regions such as Stawell, Geelong, Bacchus Marsh, Warrnambool, Castlemaine, Avoca, and their surroundings. No matter the size or shape of your tank, we possess the expertise to rejuvenate it with precision and quality.

Our comprehensive tank repair services include:

  • Installation of tank liners
  • Installation of access hatches
  • Integration of efficient leaf filters
  • Installation of durable steel bands
  • Addition of supplementary outlets
  • Roof replacement for your water tank
  • Handling insurance claims for water tanks

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At Specialised Tank Services, we have the capacity to install a liner in nearly any style or shape of water tank, including:

  • Fire Tanks
  • Timber Tanks
  • Beehive Wells
  • Storage Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Industrial Tanks
  • Underground Tanks
  • High Rise Header Tanks

Rest assured, we are your trusted partner for all your concrete and steel tank repair needs.


Tank Repairs


Our Tank Liners

Our tank liners are a testament to quality and innovation. Crafted from reinforced polyethylene, Industratex linerthese liners feature a robust four-layer waterproofing system, incorporating five layers of bonded polyethylene with a durable fibre-reinforced weave at the core. What sets our liners apart is their self-supporting design, facilitated by strategically placed lugs affixed to both the walls and the base of the tank. This structural enhancement not only lends vital support to the liner but also alleviates pressure at the tank's top, evenly distributing the load across the walls and the upper section.

Our tank liners are crafted from a BPA-free, multi-layered material, featuring an internal reinforced fabric weave that complies with global safety and food standards. This ensures complete peace of mind, guaranteeing the secure storage of safe, clean, fresh, and chemical-free water.


Double Seam Weld

Our tank liners are engineered to withstand Australia's challenging conditions, and we employ an innovative double-seam welding technique to ensure unparalleled durability at the liner joint. This meticulous approach prevents any leaks, drips, seepage, or wicking of your valuable water. Water seepage from your liner can attract white ants or invasive roots, underscoring the importance of opting for a double-seam welded liner.

Here are the key benefits of our double-seam welded tank liners:

  • HIGH Waterproofing  -  Ensures a watertight seal.
  • HIGH Abrasion Resistance  -  Resists wear and tear, extending liner life.
  • HIGH Tear Strength  -  Withstands potential punctures or tears. Rural and Domestic Tank Repair Enquiry Victoria
  • HIGH Tensile Strength  -  Provides structural integrity.
  • LOW Stretch  -  Maintains shape and integrity over time.
  • GOOD Heat Resistance  -  Endures varying temperatures.
  • SEALED SEAMS  -  Eliminates seam-related issues.
  • LOW Wicking  -  Prevents moisture absorption.
  • HIGH Resistance to Termites and Tree Roots  -  Safeguards against pests.
  • MADE IN AUSTRALIA  -  Supports local manufacturing and quality assurance.

The environment within a roofed water tank is ideal for a tank liner, as it remains shielded from sunlight, wind, and motion. This is why we confidently offer a 10-year warranty for both the tank liner and installation. We firmly believe that lining your water tank represents the most cost-effective solution for addressing leaks, essentially creating a new 'tank' within your existing one. Unlike alternative repair methods, we don't need to worry about individual cracks in the tank structure, as our liner covers the entire interior, including any future cracks that may develop.

Tank repairs 2
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs

Scope of Works

After the careful drainage, thorough cleaning, and meticulous inspection of your water tank to eliminate any sharp protrusions, we commence our scope of work with precision and expertise.

We provide two options for the foundation layer: a layer of geotextile, a non-degradable polyester fabric ideal as a liner bed, or a 25mm layer of sand, offering an alternative to geotextile.

To ensure long-term reliability, we replace the existing outlet and overflow fittings on the tank wall with new fittings. This meticulous step is essential to prevent potential future issues. In the case of steel water tanks, we assess the condition of the existing fittings and may opt to retain them if they meet our standards. Please note that our initial quote includes provisions for one outlet and one overflow, unless you've specified otherwise. Additional fittings will incur supplementary charges.

The tank liner installation is a critical phase where we secure it to the concrete water tank's perimeter, positioning it above the overflow level. For concrete tanks, we use powder-actuated pins paired with zinc washers, spaced at approximately 500mm intervals. In contrast, Tek screws are utilized for steel and poly tanks. Throughout the installation process, we perform two thorough checks on the liner to detect and address any perforations, ensuring an installation of the highest quality and integrity.

Once our work is complete, your tank is ready to be filled with water immediately. Moreover, should you wish to redirect water into another tank located within a 50-meter radius, we can facilitate the process, allowing you to maximise your water resources effectively.

Tank Repairs 3
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs

Steel Tank Bands

Our steel tank bands play a crucial role in preserving the structural integrity of concrete tanks. In concrete tanks, an internal skeleton is formed by the steel reinforcing within the concrete. Over time, if these tanks experience leaks, the steel reinforcing may corrode. In severe cases, this corrosion can lead to full-height vertical cracks, effectively compromising the steel bands that hold the tank together. In extreme situations, this can result in a catastrophic collapse of the concrete tank, posing a threat to buildings and anything in its path, along with potential water damage.

To avert such dire scenarios, it's essential to act promptly. At the first signs of leakage or if your tank has been leaking for an extended period, we can install a tank liner, effectively reinforcing the tank's structure. Alternatively, we offer the solution of fitting galvanised steel bands, fully restoring the tank's strength, and mitigating the risk of collapse.

While vertical cracks are the most common issue in tanks, our steel bands serve as a preventive measure to safeguard against potential disasters.

Tank Repairs 4
water tank repairs
water tank repairs
water tank repairs

Specialised Tank Services is your trusted partner for addressing any water tank challenges you may encounter.

For a no-obligation quote, please don't hesitate to reach out to us on (03) 5334 6688 or email sales@waterstorage.net.au.

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