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Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Inspections

Welcome to STS, your partner with 30+ years of experience building, repairing, and inspecting water storage tanks. We bring top-tier industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence to every one of our projects. Our innovative ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) inspections are crucial to our comprehensive water storage solutions.

With our ROV services, there is no need to cease active services or drain your tanks. There is no need for confined space-accredited commercial divers because our ROVs are fully self-powered and surface-controlled, reducing the potential OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) risks of injury or death.




Our ROV Services

  • Monthly, 6 Monthly, Yearly, 5 Yearly, and 10-Yearly Fire Tank Inspections to AS1851-2012 Compliance: We specialise in AS1851-2012 monthly, 6 monthly, yearly, 5 yearly, and 10-yearly compliance inspections, ensuring that your fire tanks are ready to respond effectively and to the Australian Standards.
  • Leak Detection, Inspection and Repair Reports: We specialise in early leak detection preventing water loss and structural damage to your fire tanks. Our ROVs identify the most minor leaks, preserving resources and full effective capacity.
  • Water Tank Liner, Truss Systems and Tank Roof Inspections: We specialise in open project inspections, such as assessing all componentry and functionality of water storage tanks, regardless of shape or size.


We have different ROV units for different water submersion applications; units used in potable water and the other units used in non-potable water, never cross-contaminating. All ROV units undergo cleansing and sanitisation before all inspections to mitigate the risk of contamination to your water assets because we value water quality, health and safety control.FiFish ROV

Our ROV inspections also include a comprehensive inspection report, high-resolution footage and 4K imagery to show details of evidential specifics for your maintenance planning and compliance.


Contact Us

For inquiries on AS1851-2012 fire tank inspections or any other small to large projects requiring inspections, contact the STS team by calling (03) 5334 6688 or emailing sales@waterstorage.net.au so we can arrange tailored solutions to your specific water storage needs.

At Specialised Tank Services, we've been the trusted name in water storage for over 30 years. Our legacy of excellence, coupled with our advanced ROV technology, makes us the premier choice for tank inspections and water storage solutions.