Specialised Tank Services

ROV Tank Inspections

DTG2 Specialised Tank Services specialises in the provision of quality ROV (remotely operated vehicle) with tooling solutions for your waterstorage projects. Combining our decades of experiance in the water storage industry, We are confident in providing quality solutions to all of your storage needs. 

Our ROV is equipped with high-resolution cameras, lights, surface control and surface video recording equipment. All of our customers will receive photos , video and an inspection report. Our ROV's are fully sealed, self powered and surface controlled robots, below we have listed a few of our capabilities. 

Some of our Capabilities :

  • Fire Tank Inspections (AS1851-2012 Compliance)
  • Leak Inspections
  • ROV Cleaning 
  • Sediment removal 

Our ROV services don't require any shutdown or divers with minimal water loss. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the STS team if you would like any futher information or Unsure if your project is within our capabilties? (03) 53346688