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Specialised Tank Services, partnered with Pioneer Water Tanks, design, manufacture and install water storage tank for all types of commercial specifications, supplying industries throughout Australia and overseas. Our comprehensive range of commercial tank sizes can meet most industrial needs and range from 12kL to 10Meg.

Pioneer Water Tanks have invested considerable effort developing a roof structure that is not only easy to install but stronger and adaptable to accommodate most applications. It's innovative swivel foot truss connection allows a flush strong bolted connection with the tank wall. Additionally, all Pioneer Water Tanks have a dome roof structure that are carefully engineered to achieve load paths of uniform capacity, so that cost efficiencies are maximized. The Heavy Duty roof is also designed in accordance with the relevant clauses of AS1170.0, ASA1170.1 and AS1170.2.

Pioneer Water Tanks Commercial
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank
commercial water tank

Choose your size:                                                                               Choose your colour:


Pioneer Water Tanks Standard Tank Colour Range
Classic Cream
Woodland Grey
Pale Eucalypt
Pioneer Water Tanks Non-Standard Tank Colour Range
Cottage Green
Deep Ocean
Evening Haze
Manor Red
Night Sky
Shale Grey

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Fire Tanks 

Pioneer Water Tanks can design, manufacture and install fire protection water tanks to meet AS2419 and AS2304 all over Victoria. We are experts in water tank storage solutions for hydrant and sprinkler systems and we can manage your water tank project from start to finish. We have local tank installers around the country.

Rural and Domestic Tank Enquiry Victoria

Fire Tanks
fire water tank
fire water tank
fire water tank
fire water tank
fire water tank
fire water tank

Industratex® Industratex liner 

All Industratex® liners are manufactured by Bartlett Liners Pty Ltd to suit the Pioneer Water Tank and can be custom manufactured for repairs of existing concrete, steel and other water tank types. When developing a tank liner material 7 design factors are considered - strength, flex resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water proofing, leak proof and temperature resistance. The liner is intended for potable water storage, it can be adapted for a variety of non-potable grade waters e.g. Grey (treated) water, bore or ground or well water etc. Depending on your needs.




Ventillator for water tank


Airflow is very imporant when personnel have to enter the tank for routine maintenance checks or remove airbourne pollutants and excess condensation from your tank. Procedures for working in confined spaces are recommended when dealing with any water tank for safety reasons.



Side access hatch

Side Wall Access Hatch:

The side wall access hatch allows access to the inside of the tank from ground level in case of an emergency.




Pipe Brackets:water tank overflow

Pipe brackets are used to stabilise external piping. It is the clients responsibility to ensure ground pipework is appropriately supported.




Fascia strip for water tank


The roof fascia conceals the trimmed edge of the roof sheeting and is ribbed in the same pattern as the wall panels to improve the overall aesthetics of your tank.



fire water tank

Level Indicators:

Know exactly how much water you have in store at a glance with a water level indicator attached to the exterior of your tank. You can choose between the traditional float and pulley system or a wireless system in a range of colours to keep an eye on water levels at any time.The marker goes up or down with the water by using a counter weight system. A heavy duty commercial grade gauge is also available for cases where public access may be available.


Anode for water tank


Anode: Magnesium alloy. Cable: PVC insulated and sheathed 6mm cross sectional area. Bag material: Calico. Back fill mixture: A premixed backfill surrounds the magnesium black. The ingredients are mixed in the following proportions as required by Australian Standards (AS2239):Bentonite 50%, Gypsum 45%, Sodium Sulphate 5%



Geotextile membrane


A 100% polyester non-woven material with high breaking strength. We recommend geotextile when clean sand is difficult to source and protection is required against sharp objects such as stones or rocks that may damage or puncture the liner base.



Superseal for water tank

Superseal - Dust and Insect Protection

Dirt, dust, spiders and all sorts of insects and vermin like to find places to live. Superseal is a closed cell protective foam which fills the gaps between your roof sheets and the tank wall to protect your clean water from external sources of contamination