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What can I use my rainwater for?

Rainwater is an incredibly versatile resource that can serve various purposes according to your needs. You can access it directly from your tank or integrate it with your mains water supply.

When properly treated and filtered to meet approved standards, rainwater can be suitable for potable uses. This includes cooking, drinking, showering, bathing, and washing dishes. It offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for these essential daily tasks.

Rainwater is perfect for a range of non-potable applications, including irrigation, household cleaning, laundry, car washing, filling ponds, pools, and fountains. It's also excellent for providing water to your livestock and nurturing your garden.


Can you install tank liners for existing tanks?

Yes, we can install tank liners for a variety of tank types, including concrete and steel tanks. Our tank liners provide a cost-effective solution for repairing and revitalising your existing water storage system.


How do I calculate what sized water tank I need for my rain harvesting catchment capacity?

The key factor influencing your water harvesting capacity is the monthly or yearly rainfall in your location. You can calculate an estimate with the following formula:

Multiply (x) the average rainfall in your area (measured in millimetres - mm) by the surface area available for water collection (measured in square meters - m2).

To determine the typical annual rainfall in your region, refer to a reliable rainfall map.

Next, assess how frequently your tank will fill up throughout the year, taking into consideration your water consumption and storage capacity. This calculation will help you make informed decisions about your water harvesting system.


What's the warranty on your water tanks?

The warranty for our water tanks varies depending on the tank type. Our Rural Pioneer Water Tanks up to 50,000 litres come with a 20-year warranty, including the antimicrobial liner, providing you with long-lasting peace of mind.


Do you offer Colorbond-matched tank finishes?

Yes, we offer a wide selection of Colorbond-matched colours to seamlessly integrate your water tank with your property. Our range ensures a harmonious fit with your home's exterior elements, and you can explore additional shades for a unique touch.


What plumbing and excavation services do you provide?

STS offers comprehensive plumbing and excavation services, including roof guttering, down piping, stormwater connection, water tank connection, pump supply, water filtration, and more. We also provide excavation services such as constructing water tank base pads, ring beams, pipe trenching, and hydro-excavations.


Can you install asset fire protection water tanks?

Yes, we install Pioneer Water Tanks and Souther Cross Tanks fire protection water tanks that meet AS2419 and AS2304 standards. These tanks are suitable for fire services, commercial, and industrial applications.


How do I prepare my tank pad before installation?

Prior to water tank installation, it is imperative to meet the following tank pad requirements:

  • Size and Thickness: The tank pad should be constructed with dimensions at least one meter wider than the water tank's total diameter and a minimum thickness (depth) of 100mm.
  • Perimeter Precautions: After water tank installation, create an aggregate perimeter i.e., gravel, around the tank, extending at least 100mm from the tank and covering a 0.5-meter radius. This gravel perimeter prevents erosion and deters rabbits and rodents from burrowing around the tank area and underneath the tank.
  • Base Condition: Ensure that the tank's base is meticulously cleaned and entirely free of any sharp objects, as the tank liner will come into direct contact with the base material.
  • Level Pad: A level tank pad is essential for the installation process, full effective capacity and the ongoing stability and performance of your new water tank.
  • Concrete Pad Considerations: If you plan to install your water tank on a concrete pad, please let us know before placing your order. Additional materials may be necessary, incurring extra costs.


Do I need a CFA fitting on my tank?

Given that CFA outlet requirements can vary across different areas in Victoria, it's the responsibility of the customer to determine their local requirements. We recommend checking any written instructions provided with your building permit or by your local CFA for guidance. Generally, there are two main types of CFA outlets; Non-combustible standard CFA outlets and 10,000 litre reserve outlets.


What is included in a standard tank package?

Your Pioneer Water Tank comes standard with:

  • 20-year Conditional Warranty on Rural Pioneer Water Tanks
  • 50mm Outlet with a polyethylene ball valve (other sizes and styles available upon request)
  • 150mm Bellmouth Overflow with downpipe and flap valve designed to reach ground level (other sizes and styles available upon request)
  • Convenient removable internal/external ladder with a lockable hinged roof access hatch
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel leaf filter basket (removable for easy cleaning)
  • Dual self-sacrificing anodes to prevent electrolysis (corrosion) within the tank body
  • Aqualiner FRESH® Liner with microbial inhibiting technology
  • Swivel Foot Roof Connection
  • 8-80 V-LOCK® Wall System
  • Concealed High Tensile Bolts


How can I request a quote for your services?

You can request a quote by calling our office at (03) 5334 6688 or by filling out our online form. Our team will respond with a customised quote tailored to your specific water storage needs.


Where are your tank liners made? Are they Australian-made?

The tank liners are manufactured in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, by CE Bartlett P/L, a trusted local company. They are known for being an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality and innovative textile products, through to tank liners. The Aqualiner FRESH® liner is exclusively made by Bartletts for Pioneer Water Tanks, meaning that Pioneer Water Tanks is an industry leader in high-quality water storage solutions.


What makes your tank liners better than another company?

The next-generation Pioneer Aqualiner FRESH® water tank liner exceeds the Australian Standards, boasting superior flexibility, strength, waterproofing, and reliability. Notably, it stands as the world's first water tank liner to incorporate advanced Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial technology, enhancing both the health and water quality benefits we deliver to our valued customers.

The Sanitized® Silver antimicrobial technology is mixed into the master batch of black polyethylene (PE) film used in the construction of the liner fabric. The black PE film is one of the three multiple layers found in the liner fabric, providing superior strength, flexibility, abrasion resistance and leak resistance of Aqualiner FRESH®.  The treated black PE film is then laminated to the inside surface of the liner fabric - the side that is in direct contact with the tank water. With the Pioneer Aqualiner FRESH®, we're committed to keeping your water fresher for longer, setting a new benchmark in water tank liner technology. The liner is entirely BPA-free and complies with global safety and food standards.


What size tank pad do I need?

The tank pad should be constructed with dimensions at least one meter wider than the water tank's total diameter and a minimum thickness (depth) of 100mm. Contact the STS team at (03) 5334 6688 or email sales@waterstorage.net.au to clarify what size the tank diameter is for your ordered tank, ensuring the correct pad size.


What areas do you install Rural Pioneer Water Tanks?

We proudly serve a large part of Victoria, including areas like Ballarat, Stawell, Geelong, Bacchus Marsh, Warrnambool, Castlemaine, Avoca, and their surrounding regions. Commercially we range all over Australia.


How can I contact you for further information?

For more information or inquiries about our products and services, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact us by calling (03) 5334 6688 or by emailing us at sales@waterstorage.net.au.


Why choose Specialised Tank Services for water storage solutions?

We are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, and STS is a trusted name in the water storage industry. We provide advanced solutions, high-quality products, and exceptional service. Our team ensures that your water storage needs are met while adhering to all safety and regulatory standards.


Do you provide installation services for water tanks, or do I need to arrange installation separately?

We offer comprehensive water tank installation services for all our tank types, making the entire process hassle-free for you. Our experienced team ensures your tank is correctly installed and fully operational. To maintain your manufacturer's warranty, the tank must be installed by an authorised Pioneer Water Tank installation team.


Can I install a water tank myself, or is it better to have it done by professionals?

While some customers may opt for self-installation, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure the tank is correctly placed, connected, and compliant with all relevant regulations. To maintain your manufacturer's warranty, the tank must be installed by an authorised Pioneer Water Tank installation team. Our installation teams have the expertise to handle the process efficiently.


What steps should I take to prepare for a water tank installation on my property?

Before installation, it's crucial to clear the designated area, ensure a stable and level foundation, and verify any local permits or regulations. We can provide guidance on preparing your property for installation.


What maintenance is required for water tanks, and how often should it be done?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your water tank in optimal condition. This may include cleaning the tank, inspecting for leaks, and checking the roofing. The frequency of maintenance can vary based on the tank type, local conditions, and usage but is generally recommended at least once a year.


Are your tanks suitable for commercial and industrial applications, or are they primarily for residential use?

Our range of water tanks includes options for both residential and commercial or industrial applications. We have commercial tanks suitable for large-scale water storage needs of up to 2.66 million litres, but if a larger capacity is needed, it can be provided upon request. These include fire protection and industrial applications like mining and power generation.


What safety features do your fire protection water tanks offer, and do they meet industry standards?

Our fire protection water tanks meet AS2419 and AS2304 standards, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. They come equipped with features such as appropriate fittings, outlets, and connections to meet the specific needs of fire protection systems.


Can I relocate my water tank if I change properties or need to move it to another location on my property?

Yes, it's possible to relocate your water tank, though the feasibility depends on various factors, including the tank type and your specific requirements. We can guide you through the process and assist in relocating your tank when needed.


Do you offer custom tank design and manufacturing for unique or unconventional projects?

Absolutely! We understand that some projects require customised solutions. We can work with you to design and manufacture a water tank tailored to your specific requirements and project specifications.


How do I know which tank size is right for my property or project?

Determining the ideal tank size depends on factors like your water usage, available space, and specific needs. We offer expert guidance to help you select the right tank size that meets your water storage requirements.