Specialised Tank Services

Jacob - Ballan, Victoria

30 May 2018

Jacob - Testimonial

In August 2017, we asked one of our loyal customers, Jacob, to answer a few questions for a testimonial. He was kind enough to answer our questions and send them back to us, also allowing us to take a photo with one of his happily completed projects.

Question 1: Can you tell me about your project and why your required a water tank?

Jacob: I’ve purchased three Pioneer Water Tanks from Specialised Tank Services over the past few years. I’ve got one 60,000L tank that is for stock water. I run a solar powered pump off a large dam and then gravity feed seven stock troughs. There’s and 80,000L tank connected to our shed and an off-grid power system, and a new 130,000L tank connected to our house (which is almost finished being built).

Question 2: Why did you choose a Pioneer Water Tank?

Jacob: I was looking for something strong and sturdy that would last. Also, my wife’s family farm was burnt several years ago. Seeing that made me realise that a grass fire is likely to come through at some point in my lifetime, so a steel tank made much more sense than a poly one. I also like the look of the Zincalume tanks and on a farm, they just look the part.

Question 3: Were you happy with the finished product that Specialised Tank Services provided?

Jacob: Absolutely. They even follow up with some extras I requested. They take real care with the quality of their work and also work hard to ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied.

Question 4: Would you purchase another Pioneer Water Tank in the future?

Jacob: I think I need another one in a few months for stock water from another dam. So, it might be Pioneer Water Tank number 4 for me soon!

Question 5: Would you recommend a Pioneer Water Tank and Specialised Tank Services to anyone looking for a water tank?
Jacob: I couldn’t recommend them more highly. High quality Pioneer Water Tanks and superb service from Specialised Tank Services.

Question 6: How did you hear about Specialised Tank Services?

Jacob: I think it was just through their website and being directed to the local supplier.

Question 7: How did you find the overall customer service of Specialised Tank Services from start to finish?
Jacob: The team were excellent. Great communication, skilled installers, lovely and friendly people to work with.


Thank you, Jacob, for providing us with your positive feedback and we look forward to working with you in the near future!